Saturday-Saturday Silliness

Playing with My Food

When Comerciante Jose’s French croissants go bad… I can’t have my other breakfast dishes scarfing up my bacon. No, no, no this will not do, especially on a Saturday-Saturday. (When everyday is Saturday, you still sometimes have to differentiate the days of the week.) Otherwise, who knows what will eat all of your bacon and then where will you be? Without any bacon. D’oh!

Anyway, Saturday-Saturday is the day of the week that I usually fix Anne a special breakfast. Lately, I’ve substituted out toast in favor of Comerciante Jose’s French croissants. They require some forethought, because one needs to stay up all night kneading the dough. I usually do all four of them that come in a pack, so that we can again enjoy them on Sunday-Saturday.

I’ve been on a bit of an avocado toast tear of late, but today decided to mix it up with eggs and bacon. Ahhh… bacon. The eggs are mixed-up omelet style, with cheese (gorgonzola) and veggies (green onions and bell peppers), but I find it too much trouble to keep them all together and usually go with a scramble.

It is a rainy Saturday-Saturday and cold too. So, not exactly a good day to go out to play. Still, there is something guilt free about lounging around the house on a rainy day. The sun will come out tomorrow and I’ll get out then. Fiddle-dee-dee.

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