Randy Rainbow

Randy Rainbow

On Friday, the cover of the Post-Dispatch’s Get Out section announced that Randy Rainbow would be performing live at the Pageant on Saturday. Why not? So, I scored a pair of primo tickets. We’ve been following his YouTube videos for some time and have been loving the likes of  Desperate Cheeto, Yes! We Have No Steve Bannon!, Alternative Facts, and Rudy and the Beast. His schtick is to marry popular show tunes with pointed political satire that skewers the current administration. Collectively, they have over a 100 million views. He produces these videos himself, which showcase his love-hate relationship with Trump, “We are all going to die, but he has been so good for my career.” Randy Rainbow is his given name, his mother “wanted the gayest son possible and she got him.” Jewish, he grew up in Broward County, but now splits his time between there, NYC and near constant touring.

Accompanied by a four piece band and a big screen projected TV, each number would begin with a replaying of a video’s intro, giving him time for a quick costume change. Then he would come out to sing. I wondered how this was going to work, since much of his work uses a lot of green screen and the highly edited repartee with his interview subjects couldn’t be duplicated live. His show was 90 minutes, which included a Q&A with the audience or tea talk.

This was our first time in the Pageant, a U-City Loop Joe Edwards property. Since he owns most of the Loop now, he must have made a fortune that night, because business was really booming. Delmar was an end-to-end traffic jam. Afterwards, we got home just in time to catch the opening of SNL. Quite a night, quite a weekend! I wonder if anything new will be on the tellie tonight?

4 thoughts on “Randy Rainbow

  1. Love Randy Rainbow’s clever (and on-the-point) musical videos! He’s humorous and intelligent in his skewering, and a pretty darned good singer, to boot!

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