Pelican Ketch

Pelican Ketch

Yes, those are pelicans roosting on all the different lines. I guess they figure, why go fishing, when you have humans who will bring the fish to you. When I shot this photo, I was just going for the boat, I didn’t see the birds until later. I wonder how the fisherman negotiate going out on deck? Could be a shit storm. 

We are go for launch! Our papers are in order and our painter is queued. I have the task to clear out our cosmic debris from three of our most lived in rooms, the kitchen, our bedroom and the computer room. The plan is to tackle the first two rooms and then do the computer room last. The idea is to get the most impactful work done first and out-of-the-way. We spoke to our neighbor Caroline, whose workman we are borrowing. He is finishing up an even bigger job in their place. She mentioned that after all this they want him to install new kitchen cabinets. If he does a good job for them, we’ll do the same and get a new kitchen for cheap.

Wait, wait, wait. What about a new stove? Our stove is the only appliance that we have not replaced in the thirty plus years living here. How about some new linoleum too? Sure, sure, sure, I see where this is going. First though, I have to move a lot of crap. Rob the painter, told us that we didn’t have move the big stuff, like we did when he painted the living and dining rooms. So, three rooms should be easier than two. Right? We’ll see. Stay tuned.

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