Everglades Safari

Nothing but Neck

We’ve turned north and are in Homestead now, the gateway to the Everglades. We spent all day in the swamp and saw beau coup different species. Let me enumerate a few: gators and crocs, manatee again, the pictured anhinga and chick (cormorant cousins), the marvelous purple gallinule, spoonbills, vultures both turkey and black, kingfisher, blue herons both little and big, osprey, egrets both big and snowy, gar, sawgrass, mangrove and gumbo limbo. I could go on, but you get it. It was a great day and a grand outing and we get to do it again.

The park wasn’t shutdown, like last year. It was more crowded, but not by that much. The rangers steered us to many of our finds. It was hot, but was not too buggy. It seemed wetter than last year though. We stopped at the Coe visitors center, which was open this time. We spent quite a bit of time at Royal Palms, along with numerous school field trippers. Drove to Flamingo Point on the gulf, where we saw the crocs and manatee. Then it was back to Palms for sunset.

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