Taggart Lake

Taggart Lake Pano

Last summer when we were in Teton, one of our hikes took us by Taggart Lake. On this hike, we first marched up to Bradley Lake, but the views there were less than spectacular, due to the trees that blocked our line-of-sight. Still, we hung out for a while, with some other hikers, sitting on downed logs and rocks. We continued on to Taggart and on our way, encounter a large boy scout group. They stood aside, to let us pass, but first, flanking us, each one raised a single hiking stick and crossed “swords” over our heads. It was kind of special.

American Avocets in Teton

At the alpine lake, we saw the pictured colony of American avocets. Sitting out on their rock, they were quite photogenic and allow people to approach them quite closely. In the above Pano of the lake, the three peaks in the distance, from left-to-right are the Southern, Middle and Grand Teton mountains. On the way back down to the car, we were passed by mule pack train that was headed back down to the climbers base camp, after having resupplied climbers above.

Mountain Mayfly

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