Heat Lamp Curl

Emerald Tree Boa

In gyrotonics this week, we practiced arches and curls. Sitting astride the bench, we rotated its arms. First with arched and then curled backs. This mechanized stretching workout really helped sooth the crick in my back and my unfurled back let me stand a bit taller. This was a remedy that lasted until I shoveled snow yesterday. Maybe it is time to do the homework? The snow didn’t stop and eventually recovered where I had cleared. I went out twice and swept the walk clean. With slippery footing, I whisked the walk and like a curler does, it only made the ice that much more slippery. The snow’s novelty brought out the neighbors and with a note of recrimination, Anne asked afterwards, if I had spent more time talking to them, rather than moving snow. I explained to her that it was a heavy, wet, heart attack snow and a pause or two was the only prudent thing to do. Today, with all novelty long gone, she suggested that before school on Monday that I clean off the driveway apron. I had parked the Prius in the driveway on Friday. But Baby, it’s cold outside. 

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