Crystalline Water

June Frost – Yellowstone

Up to a foot of snow is forecasted for Saint Louis this weekend and I say bring it on! History tells us that the actual amount of snow fall received may vary, but only downward. The storm watch begins tomorrow at noon, but only starts to get interesting during the evening rush hour. Snow fall is expected to last until Sunday. Temperatures that will hover around the freezing point are complicating this forecast. Much of the precipitation could end up just being rain, but with all of this occurring over the weekend, Anne was led to gripe, what a waste of a good snow day.

In true Saint Louis fashion, I will rush to my local grocery store, before all of the milk, bread and beer is swept from the shelves. It is an oft-repeated madness that I have come to wonder might just be part of a ploy to stoke commerce. I’m a creature of habit though and will stock the fridge full, no matter what. Once safely home again, I’ll scan the skies, searching for that elusive white stuff.

To that end, I walked to the store today. The sun was out, with barely a cloud in the sky. It was crazy. A full 24-hours before the snow watch is scheduled to begin and people were already going nuts. The store was well stocked, but like I said the storm is still a day away. I’m sure that tomorrow’s evening news will show footage of looted looking store shelves. As Saint Louis cowers in fear, awaiting old man winter’s wrath, at least we’ll be well fed.

It was freezing cold that pictured June morning. In the twenties. We were tent camping at 7800′.  We woke at dawn and while still warm in our bags, as soon as we exploded out of them, we darted to the restrooms. Which were heated, but only enough to keep the pipes from freezing. Then back to the car, with the heat on full, we drove to the Lamar Valley and found plenty of wild beasties to see.

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