Some gifts are more than just a gift

One of Macy’s “Yes Virginia” Windows

NYC or more particularly Brooklyn descended upon us in the form of Dan. It’s only been a few weeks since we last saw him. His Macy’s gig finished up in an unexpected snowstorm, with the big reveal. Those are the Herald Square side windows. When we were there, we caught an impromptu glimpse of the 34th-street “Yes Virginia” ones, which are perennial.

With one gig ending, his next one involves furniture making. Here he finds himself needing to rehone some of his finer woodworking skills. Window-dressing and showbiz set making looks for expediency over endurance, which fine furniture buyers do not. This workshop is located in the old Brooklyn Navy Yard, which is undergoing redevelopment. He said that there were a number of high-end stores there, including Russ & Daughters, an “appetizing” store and one of Oprah’s faves for this year. Another is Aesop a skin care place. 

One of Dan’s greatest gifts is the enlightenment that he disseminates to his now doddering parents. Through him we get a glimpse of what is happening in the world. I treasure his steer to this John Lewis & Partners Christmas TV advert.

Later, we took Dan out to dinner at the Bottleworks. His friend Vicki joined us later for drinks. I had a coughing fit and got up to go to the restroom. When I returned, I learned that Dan had feared that I was choking, while Vicki thought that I was having a heart attack, but I survived. I guess they hadn’t read the blog.

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