Turtle Park

Rey and Becca at Turtle Park

The newlyweds, Rey and Becca, blew into town last night. They are both living in Nashville now. So, their drive to Saint Louis is a lot shorter. For dinner, I fixed a veggie version of Jane’s world-famous chicken enchiladas, substituting tofu for the chicken. It turned out alright, but the next time I do a veggie version of this recipe, I think that I’ll substitute tempura for the chicken instead of tofu, because I think that will give the dish a better texture.

Anne had school today, leaving me to play tour guide. First, I cooked up a box of Trader Joe’s croissants for breakfast, another hat tip to Jane. We opened the Slammer. Unfortunately, this year’s big Egyptian exhibit had just closed. Still, there was a lot to see. We stayed until lunch, which was at Seedz. After lunch, we toured Bob Cassilly’s Turtle Park (Pictured) and then visited the MO history museum. After all that we were pretty much toast and went home to recharge.

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