Balloon Race

Hot Air Balloons

We didn’t venture back into the park, after Friday night’s balloon glow, but we didn’t have to as it turned out. The balloons came to us. A northeast wind blew them bye the house, such that all we had to do was go outside. It was perfect weather for a balloon ride, both clear and calm. The direction of the light breeze steered them well away from the airport. Balloons flying over Lambert is always a no-no with the FAA.

Not content with seeing them just from the backyard, I drove over to a nearby highway overpass. The balloon viewing wasn’t any better there, but I did get to witness a fender bender. Some driver must have been paying too much attention to the balloons overhead and not enough to the road in front. A mini-backup ensued, accompanied by several near misses as brakes squealed and vehicles managed to avoid one another. The cops soon arrived, their screaming sirens adding to the cacophony.

A woman and her elderly mother were also on the overpass. The woman had grown up in one of the houses that adjoined the road and her mother still lived there. The woman was old enough to recall the road in its initial incarnation, as the Daniel Boone Expressway. As a child, she watch it being built. After it was finished, she and her siblings would run out in their nightgowns, whenever they heard the sounds of a car crash on the highway, at night.

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