Forest Park Balloon Glow

Forest Park Balloon Glow

Last night, we went out to the Forest Park Balloon Glow. This is always the most crowded Forest Park event of the year and true to form is was mobbed. We drove to the De Mun neighborhood and managed to snag the very last parking spot. We had a street side dinner at Barrio, a new to us Mexican restaurant. After dinner we followed the shuffling throng to the balloon glow. This is the second year that the glow has been held on Art Hill. Before it was done on the central ball fields. They did it on Art Hill last year, but we missed it. I think that we were in California then.

In the Glow, sixty some hot air balloons are inflated, but are also tethered. There was no flying last night. Hopefully, weather permitting that will happen today. We arrived first at the top of Art Hill and then proceeded to thread our way through the crowd. We worked our way slowly down the hill and finally made it to the Grand Basin. There the going was easier. All the while, every few minutes, an air horn would sound and all the balloons would light themselves up. The money shot was from the far end of the Grand Basin, during one of these moments. I especially love the reflections of the glowing balloons across the water. After the above picture was taken, we head out to beat the crowd.

On our hike, we passed a parked car with the bumper sticker that said, “Don’t Blog – Write”. What? Well, I do sometimes just post a picture, but what’s wrong with that? Seems too much like snobbery to me. I just don’t get it. 

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