Midnight Run

Munising East Channel Lighthouse

We made a midnight run to the airport, Chippewa International. Waiting outside Gate 1 and only for all the passengers to deplane (de plane, boss, de plane!) I realized that it really was an international airport that hosts both KLM and Air France. I drove while, the two-headed Anne talked to itself, when they both weren’t telling me where to go. Our mission was to pickup the third leg of their childhood stool. Even though the moon was nearly full, it was an incredibly dark night. Maybe, because the moon was mainly hidden by clouds, but also because I was out in the country, away from the bright lights of the big city. I ran with my brights on as much as I could. It didn’t help any when fog developed as we approached the airport. There were a few strange things about this run.

There was an annoyingly long temporary traffic light for bridge work, on the M-28 overpass at I-75. We managed to catch the red going both ways. When I finally did manage to get on to the highway, I noticed that a state trooper had pulled someone over behind us. I don’t know if it was this same trooper or not, but just as we were to exit the highway, from the exit before ours, a car came on to the highway and came up and then sat there behind me, for a good long while. Maybe he was checking me out? He was certainly shining his headlights into all of my mirrors. Finally, he moved to pass, but just before he did, he disappeared. As I exited, I couldn’t see any sign of the other car. If it was a cop, he must have pulled into the median and doused his lights, waiting for his next prey to appear. If he wasn’t one, then what was he doing?

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