Not a Cabin Sunset

Storm Clouds Over the Badlands

We made it to the cabin last night. We being Bubs and Harry, Anne, Dave and me. The betrothed, Rey and Becca were already here. That made seven for supper. Today, Ashlan and Allen arrive, making nine and then Dan and Jay for eleven. Which will be as full as we get, because Carl and Jane won’t be joining us. The drive up from Ann Arbor was fairly uneventful. As much as I would like to, I won’t mention Anne’s double faute. Anyway, we all made it. The weather here is warm, almost Saint Louis hot, but it should cool down tomorrow. With so many people about even the simplest of domestic tasks is subject to lengthy committee deliberation. Take dinner last night. Anne got the ball rolling on taco night, asked for my help, but then got distracted with towels and texting and I had to kick her out of the kitchen. I had gotten in over my head though, but Dave stepped in to save my bacon. Anyway, it all worked out. It is dry here this year, a welcome change from last year. It is even drier than the Badlands were. The beach is wide this year, wider than it has been for years. Rain tomorrow and a cool down, but this weekend looks dry, perfect for the wedding.

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