Grand Teton

American Avocets in Teton

We are in a motel again in Jackson tonight. [flush toilets, showers] We plan on camping in Teton tomorrow. Today, we entered Teton as day campers and hiked the Taggart and Bradley Lakes trails. These are two alpine lakes at the base of the mountains. It was on Taggart that we spied the avocets. They are rare in these parts. The ranger didn’t even know what they were, but from all my visits to Monterey, I recognized them and iBird confirmed me. Unlike in Monterey, they were in breeding plumage here. The correct name for a flock of avocets is a colony. Maybe this seemingly lost group of birds are actually explorers?

In the park tomorrow, we will most likely lose cell service and consequently any further blog posts. Don’t Panic! I have put on autopilot the morning photo posts. Anything else is live. Expect something on Sunday. Vagaries in cell reception may allow for earlier posts, but don’t count on it. Signing off, for now… 

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