Tonto’s Dream, David Bradley, 2013

We left the Big Horn Mountains and headed to Cody, WY, as in Wild Bill Cody. There is a fantastic museum there dedicated to western themes. The western art there rivals that of the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, in my humble opinion. I especially loved the modern Native American art, as typified by “Tonto’s Dream”, with its obvious node to Rousseau. I hope that you can read some of the details in the photo. We spent several lovely hours there, but then it was on to Yellowstone. The mountains here are all still snow covered and there is still dirty snow roadside near the campground. We hit a bear-jam into the park and Anne saw the grizzly, but I was hell bent for leather to get to our campsite that I did not stop. I am just that way. We scored a pretty cool one. It features a view of Lake Yellowstone and right next door herds elk and bison.

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