Deadwood+Devils Tower

After four nights in Custer State Park, we broke camp and headed to Deadwood. Our first stop in town was at the visitors center. When I asked the guy manning the desk about the HBO series of the same name, he said that he had been a consultant to the show. I asked him how accurate was the show and he said that the first five episodes were OK, but after that it went Hollywood. We toured Main Street and had lunch in a saloon. We each ate half a cow and I had a pint of Pile-of-Dirt Porter. I first heard of this beer in the Badlands, where it was more apt. After lunch we toured the town.

We continued on and are now camping at the foot of Devils Tower. It has not been all fun and games today though. Yesterday, we got a check engine light on the Prius. We swung by the Custer NAPA auto parts store this morning and the nice man read and cleared the code. It was the same catalytic converter code that we got last year in Monument Valley. Some mistakes you just keep paying for. Tonight it has been all about storms and I think that they have arrived. Hopefully nothing violent.

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