Don’t Flush the Seals

Nursing Harbor Seal Pup

Chris had to work, Frank hasn’t arrived yet and Dad had a housekeeper to host. That left us free to go to Point Lobos for the day. It was a cloudy, misty day. Play Misty for me… Monterey’s usual June gloom came a little early this year. We got there just after high tide and stayed through the next low. They asked us to be quiet around the seals and we were. I was surprised to see that the pups were still nursing, as big as they are. Other types of seals abandon their young way more quickly. The barking sea lions, for which the park is named were on the far rocks. Spanish explorers dubbed the point Lobos, because of their bark, possibly confusing the sound with the barking of dogs or wolves. Or, maybe it was just their joke. The ones that got away were two Bottled-nosed dolphins that flashed before us, close inshore and before either of us could get a photo of them. We were at water level, in a slot canyon, when we saw them for an instant. We birded and tide-pooled our way through the day. Anne was the way more avid tide-pooler than me. I was starting to feel a bit peckish by then. We stopped off in Carmel-by-the-Sea for a wee bit of something. Anne had the Lobster bisque and I had a glass of Monterey Pinot and a slice of brie on toast. 

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