Bee Hunting

Shuttlecock Interior, Caes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, 1994

It feels like a shuttlecock, just waiting for the slap of the badminton racquet. In this case, it is actually a tennis racquet and instead of a shuttlecock or even a tennis ball, I’ve been practicing on carpenter bees. I finished staining the exterior of our back porch and used up the rest of the can, getting a leg up on the interior. Our neglected back porch is infested with carpenter bees, but not so much anymore. I’ve gotten pretty good at swatting them. Let’s just say that I have mastered the racquet racket. I use to have to swat and then step on them for the kill. Now, with a really good serve, I just have to hit them once. This method of extermination is so much more satisfying than using insecticide. 

In other news, a sinkhole has appeared on the Whitehouse lawn. It’s growing too. Is this not the most perfect metaphor? Instead of draining the Potomac swamp, the swamp seems to be draining the Trump presidency.  

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