Yellow-Breasted Chat

Yellow-breasted Chat in a Redbud

We are back from the woods now, after enjoying a truly great long weekend in the Shawnee National Forest. Anne is the high school’s chemistry teacher this week. She plans on making slime in the lab: one part glue, one part water, one part borax and one part ectoplasm. Ghostbusters! I’ve unpacked all of our gear, cleaned what got dirty and ordered a few new items to round out our kit, for next time. Mother nature has turned up the heat, making it feel like summer. 

6 thoughts on “Yellow-Breasted Chat

  1. The Chat seems to have more orange than yellow. Did you know that unfriendly Chats can turn into Arguments?
    Funny how kids love slime. My sweet little grandchildren love placing the revolting stuff on me unexpectedly, taking delight in my reactions of revulsion.

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