Garden of the Gods

Camel Rock

We are camping in Shawnee National Forest, which is located in the southern tip of Illinois. We snagged an el Primo campsite, with its own private view. Although, we have had to share it with some of the other campers. Pictured is Camel Rock, the signature rock formation among the many spectacular ones that comprise Garden of the Gods. We successfully set up our new tent and my new sleeping bag kept me toasty warm through the chill of the night. Whippoorwills serenaded us in the evening and throughout the night. Being a doubting Thomas I played their call in iBird, which drew one of them closer. After, we went to bed, it came quite close, like on the picnic table close and it and its mates sang the night away, culminating with another picnic table 6:00 AM wakeup call. 

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