Bird Bonds


We attended another Science on Tap lecture at the Kirkwood Station Brewery. This talk was entitled Bird Bonds or how people connect to birds and how birds connect us to each other. It was given by Joseph T. Steensma. Sort of a birder’s dream come true. Dr. Steensma has spent the last 20+ winters in the Bahamas, good work, if you can find it. His vocation at Washington University is in the fields of Practice, Public Health and Social Entrepreneurship. For him and his family, birding is simply an avocation. Almost all of his slides were pictures of birds that either he or his children had taken. At the beginning of his talk, he offered up a dichotomy about bird watching: A father who goes bird watching without his kids is a bad dad. While, a father who goes bird watching with his kids is a great dad. Family found a home throughout his lecture. His wife and two of his children attended the night’s event.

I said that this is none of your falcon business.

The thrust of his talk was towards conservation. Many of the birds shown in the Caribbean, summer in the Saint Louis area. He praised the Riverlands for the treasure that it is. Throughout his talk, his humor prevented his entreaties from becoming too preachy. Did you know that Peregrine falcons can see into the UV where mouse piss glows? That’s like one dangerous leak for a rodent to take. 

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