Concours d’Elegance

’31 Caddy Hood Ornament

Easter is usually car show Sunday, weather permitting. Optimally, you want dry sunny weather, so the chrome really gleams. This weekend the weather was a bit dodgy, cloudy with a forecast of a wintery mix. Still, when we showed up a few stalwarts were still in attendance, This show at the Muny is bifurcated, with the pristine cars occupying the upper lot and the modified ones on the lower one. It was slim pickings when we showed up and many of the cars were heading out. I love these relics of a by gone era, when they are switched off, but when their motor’s are revving hundreds of decibels and their tailpipes are belching carbon-monoxide, they become decidedly less endearing. We did a quick drive-by, on foot. By the time we rushed towards the egress, things were really starting to roll. We passed by some enthusiastic groupies, who were not really part of the show, but really wanted to be heard. Their sound system, with its sub-audio woofers succeeded in shaking our teeth and turning our brains to jelly. It was a sound that was more felt than heard. We had walked a ways, in expectation of the usual throng that attends this show. Walking past all of the zoo’s parked cars, Anne snagged Nebraska in her current rendition of the license plate game. She now needs only, WV, RI, DE and SC to win. I’m sure that she would be grateful for any texted photos of these plates. You always start getting a little creative towards the end of a round of the license plate game. 

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