The Getty

Getty Bougainvillea Rebar Tree

We went to the J. Paul Getty Museum in LA. This beautiful art institution is located on the north side of LA, atop a hill and alongside the 405. The center is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year. I’ve always liked this place’s facility better than its collection. A sentiment that I am not alone with. J. Paul’s art tastes ran a little too baroque for my liking, while his museum, which houses this collection is a gleaming white city that sits upon a hill. Modeled after an Italian village, the various wings enclose a central courtyard that encloses this modernists village’s central plaza. Its exterior façade of limestone and marble glisten in the Southern California sun. The one other time that we visited this museum, its gardens were closed for renovation. That is where we went first. We did tour a number of the galleries, including a new Egyptian exhibit from its classical period, featuring artifacts from the times of Alexander and Ptolemy. The exhibit had opened that day, so everything there was a little bit crazy. If we had more time, we would have stayed longer. There was so much more to see. It is such a beautiful and peaceful oasis. 

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