3 men & robot, to say nothing of the cat

Giant Sea Bass with Visions of Sardines Dancing in its Head

The Pineapple Express spent the day spraying down my Californian vacation, again. This had been forecasted, but who wants to be foretold the weather? It is bad enough when it comes, without the misery of knowing about it beforehand. Rather than just mope about all day, just talking about the weather and watching the rain, we decided to get out. Anne and I enlisted Dad and Chris to come with us, giving us the titular three men. Siri served as robot and Toonces was the cat. 

Not knowing where we were going, naturally I drove. Today’s outing was to the Monterey Museum of Art, which as it turns out none of us had ever been to and no one had a very clear idea of where it was. It didn’t help that the museum had two separate locations. I use my phone to navigate, even to places where I have been many times before. It helps with traffic. We all tried to do this navigation in our heads, Dad, Chris, me and Siri and we all arrive at different results, and ended up jeering at one another in the end.

My Dad’s house is situated on a road that runs along a ridgeline. The southern side of this road has a steep, almost cliff-like drop-off, which would be perfect for anyone of the finales for the enumerable SNL renditions of Toonces the Driving Cat. Unfortunately, when I really needed that cliff, I found myself in downtown Monterey. We must not think of the things we could do with, but only of the things that we can’t do without. We safely parked at the museum.

In life, I have always noticed that it is the fixed idea of each member of family that he is doing everything. The art museum was a little underwhelming, especially for such a vibrant artist community. It didn’t help that its main gallery was vacated at the moment. Monterey is such an outdoors oriented community that after the aquarium there really isn’t all that much to do on a rainy day.

Fortunately, Colton Hall is just across the street. This historic hall was the largest building west of the Rockies when it was first built. It has served as the city hall, a schoolhouse and most famously where the California constitution was written and ratified. Its curator was a genial and informative man. Such is life, and we are but as grass that is cut down, and put into the oven and baked into bread again. Apologies to Jerome K. Jerome and in advance to my family for this post. It is my attempt at humor and was not intended to offend. 

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