Monterey Aquarium

Sand crab

The Monterey Aquarium is a world-class institution that I like to visit regularly and I am always able to find something new to see there. Exhibit A, the above pictured Sand crab. Located at the western end of the second floor, in s a tiny tank, about a dozen members of this species were on display. Filter-feeders that are constantly waving their antennae. They live in the splash zone on beaches and feed on plankton in the water. When threatened, they burrow into the sand.

Today’s forecast threatened rain, but in the end it never did. The aquarium was mobbed with school field trips, but we persisted. Dad wanted to make clam chowder for dinner tonight. So, I started fishing out some clams from one of the tanks. Anne and Dad ran interference for me with the docents, while I stuffed them in my bag, but eventually we were booted from the premises. Afterwards, we walked down Canary Row to Ghirardelli’s, for some ice cream. There is nothing like fresh seafood, even if it is “farm” raised seafood. 

2 thoughts on “Monterey Aquarium

  1. Really nice pictures!

    But I I am absolutely against aquariums !
    We forget that for aquatic animals; they are prisons for animals, designed for the pleasure of tourists! What about his life and his crab nature?
    Take it and put it back into the sea.
    Who are we to decide lives that like us, are on this earth and ask to continue living as nature has been made…

    • I cannot agree. If you saw the 1000s of people and 100s of children that were there, then you could see the positive impact of this institution has on a daily basis. Education, not entertainment is their mission. Teaching people to better live in harmony with nature is there goal.

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