What’s the Holdup?

What’s the Holdup?

It is a beautiful early spring day. The sun is out. The birds are chirping and as a sure sign that winter is on the wane, our maple’s blossoms are already falling. I say winter is on the wane, except for those who live in more northern climes, like on the coast of Maine, Rochester or unlike as pictured above from last summer, on the shore of Lake Superior. For them, this is no spring day. I checked online just to be sure. The calendar says that spring is still ten days away, but that calendar was made before climate change. We spring ahead for daylight savings time tonight and Anne’s spring break begins this next week. How many more signs of spring do you need? As if you can’t just look outside and see the signs out there for yourself. So, put a spring in your step. Do some spring cleaning, if you must. Because spring is coming, if it is not already here. I think that today would be the perfect day for a spring bicycle ride.

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