Schooners Returning at Sunset

Schooners Returning at Sunset

We’ve gotten over 2″ of rain in the past three-day. Further south of Saint Louis the region there is in full flash flood conditions. And to think that we started this week in a moderate to severe drought. With all of this rain and with the help of MSD has turned our front yard into mud. I’ll have to go out there, with a shovel, just to clear off the sidewalks. If I didn’t know that MSD would be coming back and that we are expecting AT&T to plant fiber soon, I might breakdown and buy some sod, but this is not the year for that. Instead, I’ll seed again and hope for the best, all the while knowing that that is a fruitless endeavor. At least it is nice and sunny today and should be halfway warm too, while I’m shoveling mud. Later, Anne and I got out for a walk in the sunshine. Walking around, I noticed that quite a few of my neighbor’s yards were similar muddy messes. So, it’s not just me who has a crappy lawn these days. 

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