Ponce de Leon

1513 Discoverer of Florida Juan Ponce de Leon

It is only early February, so there is still plenty of winter left to go. I’m tired of the cold, but I’m even more tired of the unrealized threat of snow. Snow would be nice. It would dress everything in white and open up the opportunity for some winter fun. I could channel my inner Olympian. Instead, we get only the threat of snow, which at best results in only a dusting. A dusting that is not easily distinguishable from all of the rabid pretreat that foreshadows it. Enough grousing about the weather, spring is coming soon enough. I hope.

The Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) had begun its long dreaded sewer project on our street. It began last Friday, when one worker pounded in no parking signs and then apparently called it a day. Since then, more and more paraphernalia has littered my neighbors’ parking strips. One lucky neighbor got a big yellow CAT excavator and another one got a load of gravel and another asphalt parked in front of their homes, while others have to make do with pipes or concrete storm drains. The real winner got a porta-potty. We are situated on the edge of the work-zone and might luck out, but I wouldn’t bet on it. One guy with a pavement cutter has outlined the trench, but little else has been done, I guess we are in the calm before the storm sewer.

Last week, I crowed about us getting our taxes done already. We pulled the trigger too early, because I got an unexpected W-2 from Boeing. I did not work for them last year, but I did receive a bonus check for the previous year. I had totally forgotten about it. I went back into TurboTax to amend our filing, but was unable to do so. TurboTax is not yet prepared to support the filing of amended returns. Further, they advise that an amended return not be filed until after the receipt of any refunds. I don’t think that this additional income will adversely affect our taxes and it might even enhance our refund, because Boeing always withholds bonus checks at the maximum withholding rate.

We really enjoyed our recent Florida vacation. I am still vicariously enjoying it, by posting photos from it. That’s the past though. It’s time to start looking to the future. To that end, we’ve booked two new trips. One is to California, where we plan on seeing my family and Anne’s uncle. The other is a long weekend in KC. This all presupposes that MSD will let us out of our driveway. Circling back around to Ponce de Leon, he was supposedly searching for the fountain of youth, when he discovered Florida. You don’t always find what you were looking for in life. Sometimes though, just the journey is adventure enough.

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