Bandaloop Trio Dancing Across the Face of the Continental Building

What a difference a day makes. New day, new name (Bombogenesis instead of Bomb Cyclone), same old crappy weather. Unlike most natural disasters, snow storms reward indolence and punishes go-getters. Yesterday, Dan was expecting that he would be able to beat the current East Coast storm to NYC, but things soon unraveled not long after I had posted of his plans. The airlines started giving him the old two-step, with flight cancellations, coming one after another. This left him very frustrated. I think that he was more angry at himself for not booking an even earlier return than he did. One that would have likely seen there yesterday. Well, would have, could have, should have. At one point, he was considering driving to New York. Instead, we took him to the airport this morning and he flew off to Atlanta and landed just as his New York leg got canceled, leaving him stranded there for at least 25-hours. Not to worry though, because one of his friends comped him a hotel room and Bob and Nink’s daughter Meaghan will meet him later tonight for drinks. He’s a lucky man to have such friends that standup to help him in a time of need. Stay tuned, I’m sure the saga of Dan’s return to NYC will continue tomorrow.

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