Skating St. Nick

Skating St. Nick

When I last bicycled in the park, earlier this month. It was a warm windy day. Even with the day’s balmy temperatures, the ice rink was still doing a land-office business. At least the ice wasn’t slushy. This was a travel day. We headed up north to the land of fire and ice, where the cold wind blows. Guess what we found there? Well, we left more of a winter wonderland than we found. we got just an inch or two in Saint Louis and that of wet sticky variety coating every limb and leaf, turning our launch into a trip to a snowy fantasy, but not touching an inch of pavement. But then, neither did any of the wild turkeys, by the side of the highway. Except for the worse leg, through Indianapolis, which Anne drove, I did the rest. I got no support from the backseat late-night crowd, because of too much partying. Still, we made it in regular order, so, I shouldn’t complain too much. Bubs and Harry welcomed us into their home. We’re expecting more snow for Christmas, so let’s make it a merry one for all. I wish you all a Happy Christmas. In the Jane Eyre based play that we just saw every one wished each other a Happy Christmas instead of the more contemporary Merry Christmas. Could this be a middle ground in the war on Christmas? Anyway, I wish you and yours a Happy Holidays.

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