Swimming with the Fishes

Monterey Bay Aquarium Tropical Fish

We annually head north to Anne’s family cabin on Lake Superior, where when the lake is not too cold, we take a dip in waters that have no salt and are shark free. However, since they only have two seasons up there, winter and the 4th of July, swimming is often invigorating and sometimes down right brisk. It is also not very colorful. The cabin is situated on a wide sandy bay and really does not have much in the way of an underwater lifestyle going on. So, looking for something a little different, we are planning to visit the Florida keys. We’ll go snorkeling there and plan to get pictures like the one above, except this time in the wild. Hopefully, we won’t get eaten and end up not just swimming, but also sleeping with the fishes. Anyway, the water should be warmer, I hope. 

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