Walker Hancock

Pegasus and Warrior (Courage), Walker Hancock, 1937

Together, the warrior and mythological Pegasus represent courage. The warrior’s sure control of Pegasus’ head contrasts the horse’s ready to take flight open wings. This plaster model is one of four (Courage, Vision, Loyalty and Sacrifice) that artist Walker Hancock (1901-1998) created in preparation for sculpting their full-scale versions that flank Soldiers Memorial in downtown Saint Louis. That memorial is undergoing a massive renovation and is currently closed, but is scheduled to reopen next year on Veteran’s Day. 

Walker Hancock was also a Monuments Man. During WW II, a commissioned group of men and women from thirteen nations was formed. Composed of museum directors, curators and artists, the mission of these people was to track down stolen art that the Nazis had plundered. In the 2014 movie, “The Monuments Men”, John Goodman plays a character that is based on Hancock.

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