Barbie and Ken

Ken and Barbie

Barbie: You have been lazing around the house for too long. I get up at five every morning and go to work. You need to get out of the house and find a job too.
Ken: I do have a job. I’m a blogger. I mean, I’m a news person. I report the news. I’m a member of the fourth estate. Just because the President doesn’t respect the media is no reason for you to pile on.
Barbie: Ken, I’m saying, you need to be doing more with your life than blogging.
Ken: Barbie, I could do more, if you were there by my side. We could model?

Barbie: In your dream house, Ken. I already have a successful modeling career. Ken: I’ve seen the help wanted emails that have popped up. Is that you?
Barbie: I didn’t send those emails.
Ken: Are you saying then that it was Russian trolls?
Barbie: Whatever.
Ken: I could be your UPS man, a man in brown and deliver you my package.
Barbie: Ken, you don’t have a package to deliver.
Ken: That was a low blow.
Barbie: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be hurtful.
Ken: Sometimes you act like you have a pole up your ass.
Barbie: And you a stick up yours!
Ken: Honey, let’s not fight… I love you.
Barbie: I love you, too.
Ken: I’ll try harder. I’ll right longer, more insightful posts, like this one.
Barbie: Keep trying, Babe and you mean to say write not right.
Ken: Do you want me to get our owner’s little brother to pose us on her bed?
Barbie: That would be grand!

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