Active Shooter

Sea Nettle

In prep for this post I searched my not insignificant photo archive with the words: gun, pistol, rifle, shoot, shot, weapon and many others. All in search for a relevant graphic. Na da! The best that I could come up with was Civil War cannon. Do I live such a sheltered existence that none of these images have made it into my life? Instead, I chose this jellyfish picture as emblematic of my flaying and flopping about, but beware, because it also symbolizes my sometime nettlesome character and stinging wit. 🙄

Since, I’ve returned from New York, Anne’s work schedule has been grueling. She came down with a cold, lost her voice, had to prepare report cards and then work two 13-hour days teaching and then hosting parent-teacher conferences. Friday, almost as a reward, the faculty had a professional development day. In days past these PD days served to hone teacher’s educational skills, but as my title implies, this day was all about survival. This training topic was presented by local law enforcement. I would have liked to tell you that no teachers were injured in the course of this training, but suffice to say that Anne was not hurt. The day could best be summed up with this quote, “All right, folks we did not die today. I’d call that an unqualified success.

After training, Anne was speaking with a colleague about the NYT’s 7-minute workout. Her friend was doing it. Anne said that she had been, but since her car died, she has substituted walking home. The following conversation ensued:

Friend: That’s a long walk!
Anne: It’s not so far.
Friend: It is. I know where you live. I used to date Mark.
Anne: Mark’s my husband. Oh, you mean the Mark down the block?!?

Mark: What’s her name again? It is so hard keeping them all straight.

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