Water Lily and Bee

Yellow Water Lily and Honey Bee

The weather has been perfect here these last few days. We’ve enjoyed idyllic weather that would have been perfect for bicycling, except that I haven’t been biking. I’m taking advantage of this fine weather to get some outdoor painting done instead. I’ll finish the front living room windows tomorrow and then start on the driveway side windows. These windows should keep me busy outside likely until it gets too cold for outdoor painting. When that happens, I’ll just move the show inside. there is plenty of work to do there too. Anne had today off, but spent the day working on the computer preparing lesson plans.

On Wednesday, we attended the first session of the season of Science on Tap. Joanie drove us and Pat and Vicki were there too. We got to regale everyone with our summer travels and also fête Joanie for her birthday. This lecture series involves Washington University professors and beer. Let’s not forget the beer. This month’s talk was delivered by Carlos A. Botero, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor of Biology and was entitled, “How Animals (including humans) Respond to Climate Change – Lessons learned from ecology and evolutionary biology”. His statistics supercharged research primarily deals with birds and concludes that birds with bigger brains do better adjusting to climate change. I didn’t really get the whole human aspect of his lecture, especially his digression into moralizing high gods. Maybe he was just playing to the cheap seats. Overall I found this talk to be rather meh, but next month’s talk about the dark side of the moon has me salivating.

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