Big Basin

Forest Father

Chris and us drove north, on Route 1, across the bay, past Santa Cruz, up into the coastal mountains and visited Big Basin State Park. This park features an excellent collection of redwood trees and lays at the southern end of their range. We joined a tour in progress that taught us a lot about these redwoods.

It has been foggy the last few mornings. Yesterday, we were enveloped in it and this morning, we were perched above it. Redwoods use this coastal fog too. Their needles transpire the water from the fog. This is easier than trying to haul water 250′ up from their roots. The trees can also pull nutrients from the fog.

After Big Basin, we headed into Santa Cruz and late lunched near the marina at a restaurant that Chris likes called the Crows Nest. We watched sailboats come in and out of the harbor. After lunch, we walked down to the beach to gawk. There was a surfing contest underway, but it was across the channel from us. All too soon, it was time to drive back to the house, where Dad was fixing dinner.

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