Don’t Rain on My Eclipse

Blue Sunset

The forces of darkness are gathering, by which I mean clouds. Tomorrow is the big day, eclipse day. Mister Bill arrived, so our company is now complete, plus our eclipse viewing gear is pack. We’re all ready to go, except for the clouds. The forecasts have been iffy, but we’ll wait and hope for good news in the latest and greatest forecasts, both tonight’s and tomorrow morning’s. Lt. Dan invited us to his Pacific drive, but Illinois is forecasted to be clearer. I’m hoping for a view of the sun something like what is shown below. I used my camera, grad filter and a pair of lenses from a cannibalized pair of eclipsed glasses. A little blurry, but it should work well enough to see the day’s Pacman show. If only the clouds would go away. We toured Bill through Forest Park, until it got too hot. Then we all went to dinner in the Loop, at Blueberry Hill. The Loop and Hill were hopping and the Hill is not just another cowboy bar, don’t you know. 

Mister Golden Sun

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