Red-legged Serlema

Anne stated school today, so for the first time in a long time, I was left to my own devices. Anne had gotten up early this morning and I got up with her. I made coffee, if only so I could have something hot to sip when she came flying out the front door. Shortly after she left, I hopped on my bike and cycled over to Forest Park and the Saint Louis zoo. I arrived not too much after it had opened.

With the area schools already started, the zoo wasn’t very crowded and many of the animals seemed to be just waking up. I caught Kali the polar bear in a big yawn. Many of the animals were eating their breakfasts. Big cat country seemed mired in lethargy. In my long absence the zoo seems to have been productive. Construction of Grizzly Ridge has finished and the new habitat is currently setup to acclimate two new Grizzly bear cubs. The exhibit will open next month. In a more reproductive mode there were two new additions to the zoo’s family, a baby orangutan and black rhino. There was lots to see and I enjoyed my visit. 

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