A Three Hour Tour

Soo Locks Boat Tours

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip that started from this tropic arctic port aboard this tiny ship… Dave left today, heading back to Purdue and then points east: Baltimore, Brooklyn and Boston. Rey and Becca did Tahquamenon Falls and Whitefish Point. So, the old-folks were left home alone. It was a beach day! It started off foggy, but became a perfect beach day. Not surprising though, because it was 100 ºF-ing degrees in Saint Louis. I have always said that when it’s hotter than heck in the Lou, it’s perfect in the Soo. We enjoyed Bill’s red bench and saw seagulls chasing a bald eagle down the beach from Birch Point to Cedar Point, twice. I was hoping for a third flight, because then maybe I could have gotten a photo. We saw Paulette and her labs and then later Ray with two very similar looking dogs, but very few others on the beach. Pam & Jeep swung by the cabin last night and road repair was on the table. Calling Mister Bill! Have I got a deal for you. Bring your shovels, rakes and a wheelbarrow, if you have one. 😉

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