Canyonlands View of the Green River

After Dave’s successful defense, some of us decamped to Harry’s Chocolate Shop, home of the great indoors man. Founded in 1919, originally as a soda shop, during prohibition it became speakeasy and has never looked back since. The first thing that I noticed about the place is that every square inch of every and I mean every surface is covered in graffiti. Mainly just people’s names, thousands and thousands of Purdue students names. The great indoors man is Harry’s take on the Purdue home football game tradition called the breakfast club. A drinking tradition That has the bars opening early in the morning on football Saturdays. After lunch, we broke for naps, but reconvened at five. Dave’s friends and colleagues turned out in force. Rivaling the turnout for his defense. We’re back from Purdue now. Let the weekend begin!

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