Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park or more simply, Black Canyon or Gunnison is in southwest Colorado. It is deeper than the Grand Canyon and gets as narrow as a quarter-mile. We spent a most delightful night/morning there. Anne is seen here modeling its namesake feature, a 32 mile long, 2000 foot deep canyon that in the last 200 million years the Gunnison River has been carving. We had a wonderful campsite, probably the best that we’ll see. We enjoyed two ranger programs, both curated by Ranger Molly. Gunnison is an official black sky area and the first program was a talk about stargazing and nighttime wildlife. It was followed by actual stargazing. An impressive array of telescopes were available. The largest one being a 20″ reflector. The next morning, Molly ran a geology hike, along the canyon’s rim. It was very informative. While the canyon is only 200 million years old, the exposed rocks are upwards of two billion.

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