Tuesday Night Water Fight

Men’s Kayaking Finals

Seen here are the three men’s kayaking finalists. They are duking it out for the championship, on Gore Creek, in the heart of Vail. The champ wins an extra beer ticket at the local watering hole. They each have to circle the stripped pole and then ring the bell on the far bank, near where the other guy is standing. Previously they had to navigate a slalom course and before that a 100 yard sprint from up river. The winner of the sprint usually went on to win the heat. In addition to kayaks they also had paddle boards and two-men rubber rafts. The kayaks and boards had separate men’s and women’s heats, while the boats could be coed. These races were part of a five week set, afterwards Go Pro will be sponsoring a more professional set of races. The Gore was only Class 2 at the time. Last week’s Valerie snowfall actually slowed the snow melt and runoff.

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