Scenic Overlook on the Way to Vail

We took Seventy west from Denver, up into the mountains. On the way, especially in the high passes (11,000+ feet), we saw lots of snow, even flurries, but most of it was gone in Vail. We stayed at the Lodge at Vail and because it was in the shoulder season, we got a nice discount, plus an upgrade. The gondola to the top of the mountain was closed, but the slopes were still open for hiking. We didn’t quite make it to the top (11,000+), but since we started at 8,000, I think that we did alright. The town was pretty dead and most of the shops were closed, but a whitewater race through the middle of town more than made up for all that. They were just locals mostly, but it was both fun and exciting to watch them. I’ll likely make a whole nother post about the races, since I shot over 1,500 pictures during them. Next stop Gunnison and our first national park.

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