Tufted Duck

Tufted Duck

Good news all around here. We dodged the bullet of last night’s storms. We lost power briefly and I had to clean-up many small branches in the yard, but there was no damage. Unlike all the reports of storm damage on Facebook and the news. Round two is tonight, so keep your fingers crossed.

Today was Anne’s last day of school. She didn’t have to teach today. Today was sort of a play day at school. It was the annual field day and it didn’t rain! She delivered not one, but two new baby quilts to new and prospective mothers. I’ll post pictures of them soon.

Also, Dan got word today that Glow Forge has begun shipping the laser cutter that he had ordered from them. It has only been about a year and a half. You could tell that he was excited about it.

Finally, I got notice that today is this blog’s anniversary. I have been posting to it daily for nine years now. Who would have thought that I would persist?

Addendum: Dave has set his thesis defense date for June 15th!

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