Lion King the Musical

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All of these picture postings of lions and tigers and I guess that I haven’t yet gotten to the bears has been for a purpose. We went to see the Disney musical The Lion King at the Fox. It was in honor of Anne’s birthday. We had a great time. It was a full house and the show’s last performance in Saint Louis, at least this year. I’m sure that they’ll be back. Our seats weren’t anywhere near as good as our regular Fox season tickets, but we brought a pair of binoculars along and they made all the difference. I think that the show’s costumes was its best-selling point, followed by the dancing and then set design. The singing was sometimes hard to clearly hear, but that might just be my old man ears. It was fun going to a show, where there were a lot of kids. Their laughter really set off a lot of the show’s jokes. Afterwards, we hit the CWE and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, for a little something. I had a Chamomile Chardonnay scoop, which was overpowered by the other scoop of Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks. The later was like a Reese’s. Anne ordered a Cocoa Curry Coca and Savannah Buttermint combo. It was all good!

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  1. It is coming to my hometown next year. I first saw the stage show back in like fifth grade or something like that, but now as a 23 year old, I don’t even remember seeing Lion King and now want to see it again. I feel like Lion King needs to reenter my life

      • I still don’t know if I am going to see Lion King next August. My mom likes to call me her expensive child as I always am asking them to take me to see musicals.

        First things first is Rent in September and that was a Christmas present for 2016. Then after discovering Les Mis was coming to Charlotte in December this year, I started talking to my parents about taking me. I also am talking to my parents about taking me to Lion King. See what I mean: always wanting to see musicals live, but nothing is like the power of live theatre

      • There is a high chance my parents will take me to both Les Mis and Lion King. I may have already seen Les Mis in London, but I only want to see it this time to see what the 25th anniversary production is like. Lion King, I want to see due to pretty much forgetting that it once was part of my life and I want it to reenter my life.

        I bet I will be able to work it out. Usually I am able to convince my parents. But I am always worried tickets will sell out.

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