Well Done Mum, I’ve Turned Out Awesome!

Anne at Parliament

Last Sunday Mothering Day was observed in the UK. In the run-up to this holiday, vendors were hawking all sorts of wares to buy for mum. Many with snappy catchphrases, like this post’s title. Another good line was, “Okay mum, you were right about basically everything.” I especially prefer using the first line, because on so many levels, it is so true! 😉

Speaking of mothering, Dan blew into town last night. He has been working hard and needed to get out of the city for a few days. He now has two jobs, there is the one that he landed earlier this month, while we were in NYC. That one is in TV, but I am not permitted to disclose much more than that, except that he worked a shoot last week near Rochester, NY. The newer job is more art related. His first gig was to build sets for an art show. He also now has a new roommate.

Meanwhile, Dave has booked his flights for both Boston and Belgium. His itinerary for next month looks like it will be one long road trip. In addition to meeting with his prospective employers, it seems that he has also included enough time on this trip for a little bit of fun. I’ll have to ask him though, what led him to book his return flights through Warsaw. It is not exactly on the way.

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