Remembering Jackie

Mom at Tarpy’s

Thinking of you Mum on your birthday! I lit a candle for her at St. Paul’s yesterday. We were in church when the attack occurred, but Westminster was going to be our next stop. We had our phones off in church, so when Anne switched her’s on again, there was a text from Jane informing us about what had happened. I hadn’t thought too much of the orbiting copters until then, because at home they just mean that there is another wreak on Highway 40. Still, we had a pretty full and rather theatrical day, what with the Tate, Globe, St. Paul’s, dinner and a show, Beautiful, the Carol King story. It was grand!

8 thoughts on “Remembering Jackie

  1. I’m glad to hear you are safe. I was at home and only realised what happened when I saw it on BBC. It certainly is a very sad thing to have happened but we must not let them scare us in our daily life here in this beautiful city. I hope you will enjoy the rest of your trip.

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