Donnez nous le chocolat

Inuit Family

“Donnez nous le chocolat” or in English, give us chocolate; this verse was being sung again and again by a mother and her two daughters as they marched together through the streets of lower town in old Quebec City. When I left off last, we still had one more day to stay there. On our last full day there, we marched out of the gates of the old quarter. Instead of marching across the Plains of Abraham, as General Wolfe once did, we stuck to the main allez. Our destination was the museum of beaux arts. The Inuit pieces were my favorite works. The next day, we left the city and camped at a lake a few miles north of Maine. The next day, we entered New York and camped on the shores of Lake Champlain. In between we did this sky cycle ride, where we pedaled 100′ off the ground. Tonight, we are in among Rochester friends.

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