Lotus Blossom

Lotus Blossom

Lotus Blossom

Saturday was a rest day. We did get out to walk in the morning, but our walk turned into more of a shuffle than a hike. We drove over to Tower Grove Park and attended their farmers market. The Tower Grove market is different from any of the other farmers markets about town. It seems more artisanal than the others. Many of the booths featured products that are available in the stores, but these local providers take this opportunity to showcase their wares to the markets mostly young and hip clientele. There are also plenty of causes represented too. One was a bird rescue organization. They rescue pet birds, who frequently live a long time and then try to find them new owners. We ended up buying fixings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Acquired was ‘naked’ bacon, black bean humus and orange coconut butter. Breakfast we consumed on the spot. After the market, we did walk a little in the park and found a stand of lotuses that were at peak bloom.

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