The Knot

Celtic Knot Brickwork

Celtic Knot Brickwork

How many different kinds of bricks do you thick it took to make this wall? I think that it could be done with just eight. What do you think? Remember that these terra-cotta bricks can be turned upside down. I also suspect that the original tuck-pointing hid the mortar lines better than what can be seen today. This wall close-up was taken in Indianapolis. It is part of that town’s old railway station, their Union Station. Unlike our Union Station here in Saint Louis, this one is still a functioning railroad station. Amtrak’s Cardinal line runs through town, taking passengers east and west from Chicago to DC and NYC. In between trains this station serves as a hotel and wedding hall, which calls itself ‘the knot’. Originally constructed in 1853, this was the very first union station built. The current head building was built in 1888. This building also doubles as the Greyhound station, making it multi-modal. Anne has stopped here on the bus, which is why we were exploring it when we last visited Indianapolis.

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